Experienced, Professional and Reliable, Kindergarten and Childcare Photographers

Are you looking for photographers who are good with kids?

Our trained photographers are experienced, positive, confident photographers who enjoy being around children. Their relaxed, calm natures mean that children trust them when ready and enjoy the range of fun jokes and games!  By playing with the kindergarten and childcare children, it means we establish relationships quickly and can capture a range of candid and posed images for each child's gallery.

Our Philosophy

At Ballarat Kindergarten and Childcare Photography we:

  • value positive interactions with staff and children
  • are playful 
  • are patient with little ones
  • value a mixture of 'at play' images and posed images
  • aim to take the most natural smiles and expressions that we can             

At Ballarat Kindergarten and Childcare photography we understand that having strangers come in and photograph a child can be difficult for some children. We are quick to read their mood and adapt our schedule to allow them to feel more at ease when needed. We want each child to enjoy our interactions with them during their photography session.  This philosophy allows us to photograph the best images that we can of your child.

If you would like to register your child to be photographed a personalised link for your centre needs to be followed. This will have been forwarded by your centre or on your flyer.

Click here to view the Child's Consent Form (Terms and Conditions)

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