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Give your child the gift of memories, by purchasing them one of these unique booklets

Our one of a kind, custom designed booklet style albums, are big hits with families. 

The bright colourful unisex designs are a fun record of your child's time at childcare or kinder.  The booklet includes a ‘Handprint page’ and an ‘About Me’ page to allow childcare and kindy parents to personalise the booklet as a lovely record for the child to view.

Make sure you take a look at the sample booklet in your Kindergarten or Childcare Centre!

Booklet Handprint Page0002.jpg


It's not real until it's printed

How often do you view your digital files? Can you remember where they are?

Too often, we forget to print photographic images for our children to view. 

Our photographic prints are printed on professional grade, archival photographic paper. Our base package includes six printed photographs of your child at childcare or kindergarten. 


Gift Folios

Perfect for loved ones!

As an extra purchase or in the gift package, these handy display stands are available to families. They come in teal, sand, dusty blue and dusty pink. 

These free standing folios contain your choice of two photographs. Please remember to choose two images of the same orientation (two vertical or two horizontal).  Please use the comments section with your order to record your chosen colour.

Colour choices:

Natural sand is pictured to the right standing up. Blue, Teal and Dusty Pink is also available.


Group Images

Children Love their Mates!

Your Kindergarten or Childcare Centre will have selected the group image style. Two options are available, either formal 'sitting in rows' style or collage style (common for childcare centres).

Whatever style is chosen, we know that you will love our custom designed border, that's modern and fun for kids!

Typically childcare centres select the collage style, so each child is included in one collage as they attend on different days. Kindergarten directors can opt for either style.

The image to the right is a formal style. A collage style has the same outside design and each child's image is side by side.

Please note that some centres may have only the Kinder room collages created or none at all, depending on the agreement with the centre.

Kindergarten group photos are provided free of charge to registered children. For families who would like to only purchase the group photo they are $10.00 each. 

 Group Photo Sample with design_bibo.jpg

Photography Packages

The Keepsake Booklet Package - $130.00

For pricing, please refer to the printed information page provided by your centre.

The Keepsake Booklet Package includes a modern, exclusive album design with spaces for seven vertical images of your child (please note some may need cropping). The booklet includes an 'About Me' page and a page to place your child's hand print to help you remember this stage in their childhood.

This package includes:

  • One Keepsake Booklet (see the sample at your centre)
  • Six 5x7 inch photographs
  • Six high resolution digital .jpeg files
  • One 8x12 inch group photo or one of your child

The registration fee is $30 and the remaining amount will be required after viewing your child's gallery.

Booklet image0001.jpg

The Digital Image Package - $110

For pricing please refer to the information provided to you by the centre.

This package is perfect for people who love sharing digital photos and prints with family members!

This package includes:

  • Six high resolution, ready to print .jpeg files. 
  • Six 5x7 inch photographs
  • One 8x12 inch group photo or one of your child

The registration fee is $30 automatically is deducted from your final payment at the checkout stage. The amount showing in the checkout will be remaining to be paid and you will be able to view your child's images first before making your final choices.

 Group Photo Sample with design_bibo.jpg

The Basic Print Package - $55.00

Chose six images of your child to be printed on professional, archival photographic paper.

This package includes:

  • Six 5x7 inch photographs

For pricing information please refer to your flyer provided by your childcare or kindergarten.

The registration fee is $30 automatically is deducted from your final payment at the checkout stage. The amount showing in the checkout will be remaining to be paid and you will be able to view your child's images first before making your final choices.?

Harrison Coltman-064.jpg

The Complete Digital Package - $150

You have asked and we have delivered. . . this package includes all of the images in your online gallery and a selection of printed images.

This package includes:

  • The entire collection of digital images as high resolution .jpeg files (an email link will be sent via We Transfer for download)
  • Six 5x7 inch photographs
  • One 8x12 inch photograph (around A4 size)

Please refer to your pricing information provided by your Kindergarten or Childcare centre for details.

The registration fee of $30 is paid before the photo sessions and will already be removed from the final package price when the final payment is made.

Ballarat Childcare Photography_Girl with cat book.jpg

Additional Extras

These are only available in addition to any package. Once you have viewed your photos and have ordered your package, the option to 'add on' extra items will be offered in the shopping cart.

Additional 8x12 inch photograph

$ 20

The group photograph is printed at an 8x12 inch size (around A4).

Free Standing Folio


The free standing folio includes two 5x7 inch photographs. They MUST be of the same orientation e.g. two horizontal. Chose from dusty pink, sand, dusty blue and soft teal.

Additional 5x7 inch photographs

$12 each

Black Slip In Album

$ 15.00

The black plastic slip in album has an oval cut out at the front and contains many sleeves to hold photos.

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