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How do I register my child to be photographed?

Steps of how you can register your child:

Step1: Your childcare or kindergarten will forward you a web link to 'book in' your child via email as well as pass on details on a flyer.

Step 2: You will be required to provide the following:
- Your child's name
- Their room
- The days they're in the centre (Attendance Days)
- Agree to terms and conditions
- Tick (or leave) the box for the option of having clothing in their bag (available for childcare centres only)
- Tick (or leave) the box where you provide your permission for social media 

**Please note this registration form only takes the details of one child. If you have more than one child at the centre, please fill out a separate registration.

Step 3: A fee of $30 is required to sign up.
This covers the time spent by the photography staff and is deducted off your chosen package. 

For example; Basic package: $55  ($30 pre-paid, then $25 would be owing after viewing and selecting the images in the online gallery)

Step 4: After the photography has completely finished at the centre, it will take up to 3 weeks to receive your link to view the images in the online gallery. The gallery link is emailed to your allocated email address.

Step 5: Order your images via the online shopping cart.

If you need to see a help video click the link below.

Step 6: Childcare centres typically are photographed within one - two weeks and Kindergartens are photographed over one or two sessions for each age group.

This is all dependent on the size of the centre. 

We then require three – four weeks to allow for editing, printing and preparation of orders before getting them back to families.

Do you photograph sibling images?
Absolutely! We will see that you have entered more than one child and we will photograph your children together when they are there.
What happens on photo day?
Rebecca and her team will photograph a range of images of your child indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.  Children are encouraged to be playful and ‘pretend’ to do activities in the centre.  We take a mixture of posed and candid images, depending on your child’s personality. 
How many images will I receive of my child?
You will be provided with 8 -20 images of your child, depending on the age of the child and how they were feeling about being photographed on the day.
What happens if my child is sick or on holidays during photo week?
If this happens, we aim to schedule one day available for any child who missed out on photos the following week. This will be dependent entirely on availability and you may be required to bring your child in on a day they do not usually attend.
How do we pay?
Families are required to pay a $30 deposit towards their chosen photography package.

Information will be supplied via the kindergarten or childcare centre. This payment can be made via our online shopping cart section, using Paypal. Paypal has a guest checkout section, where you can pay by visa debit or credit through a secure platform.

No payments will be accepted at the centre. If you would like to pay with cash, please contact us via our contact form on this website to arrange a time to deliver this to the Alfredton based home studio.
I have already placed my order. Can I order more at a later date?
Images will be stored digitally by the photographers for one year.  You are welcome to place further orders at any stage at current prices at the time of ordering.  A fee of $15 will be required for any late orders to pay for the courier fee from the lab to my studio.
I have more than one child at the centre/kindergarten, do I need to order more than one package?
Yes. Each child requires a separate package to pay for the photographer's time, talent and chosen products. 
I purchased digital files out of my childcare or kindergarten gallery, how do I download my files?
The files will be emailed to you via We Transfer and will remain downloadable for seven days.
I noticed that you have an active Facebook and Instagram page, how can my child’s image be placed on there?
As part of your child registration, you will be asked if you give us consent to publish an image of your child. 
What should I dress my child in?
We encourage children to be dressed in comfortable, simple clothing. By avoiding shirts that don’t have characters or text on them, the focus of the photo will be your child’s face.  If there is a colour that really suits your child, that is a great option! If your child is wearing a dress, please pop leggings underneath to help support us in our work.

Are you experienced in photographing babies?
Rebecca and her team are trained and experienced child photographers, so we have lots of poses up our sleeves related to your child's development. We always discuss with the educator the needs and skills of your child.

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