Parent/Guardian Client Consent Form


Each Child Requires a Consent Form to be Photographed

Parent / Guardian Name: ________________________     Child's First Name:  _________________       Child's Class / Group: _______________

Email address:  _________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Consent Due Date: ____________ 2018, return to your centre

Agreement between Client and Photographer

I, (parent’s name) grant the photographer’s Rebecca & Melissa permission to take photographs of my child listed above. I consent Ballarat Kindergarten & Childcare Photography copyright of the images and I have also read, understood and fully accept their terms and conditions outlined below.

Photography consent - Please circle one: CONSENT/YES DECLINE/NO

(Your consent is needed here for your child to be photographed)

I consent / decline that Ballarat Kindergarten & Childcare Photography can use the images they have taken of my child for any lawful advertising purpose, which may include things such as promotions or specials via the web and / or paper copy, Facebook ‘sneak peaks,’ relevant photography competitions and marketing materials (paper copy and / or web).Please note that social media posts often have the childcare or kindergarten identified in the description.

Advertising consent - Please circle one: CONSENT/YES DECLINE/NO

(Advertising consent is completely optional)

Client Signature …………………………………………………………………..

Terms and Conditions of Contract

  1. Clients or any other person (other than the photographers), are not permitted to alter, crop or re-edit the final images in any way.
  2. Ballarat Kindergarten & Childcare Photography retains copyright of all images, however we grant permission to the client for non-exclusive use of the images which includes home use.
  3. Prints received from Ballarat Kindergarten & Childcare Photography are not to be copied or scanned. If you require extra prints please see our print / product price list in your client gallery,
  4. There is a strict NO REFUND POLICY. Please choose your package, prints and products carefully.
  5. All contact details are fully confidential and will only be used for business administration purposes.
  6. Under NO circumstances will the RAW (unedited / straight out of camera) files will be given to the client.
  7. Final image selection and editing style is at the discretion of the photographer. After your session is complete the final / edited images (that are given to the client) will be kept on a hard drive for one year, then they will be deleted unless they are being used for advertising, all other images (files not used or distributed to the client) will be automatically deleted during the culling / editing process.
  8. All images, on the online gallery, will have a watermark and copyright written across them. To purchase prints, products or digital files please refer to the shopping cart in your online gallery (this will be provided after the photography has taken place).
  9. Ballarat Kindergarten & Childcare Photography hold no responsibility for cash or payment details (credit card, debit card etc) left at the centre. Orders are to be placed via the online gallery using PayPal, which has a guest checkout option also.

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